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'Kim Scopes is a funny, cheeky, a wonderful performer and you are guaranteed a frolic like no other'- Mike Bradwell

“Scopes is inherently funny & an excellent clown”

- The Play’s The Thing UK


I'm an award nominated actor experienced in stage and screen and voice over work.

Notable credits include:


'A Christmas Carol' adapted by Patrick Barlow at the Noel Coward Theatre, starring Jim Broadbent.

'The Wider Earth' by Dead Puppet Society at the Natural History Museum,

'AAAAA' by Proforca Theatre at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town,

'BLUE' by Sycorax Collective, for which Kim received a 'Standing Ovation' nomination.

Voice over work includes providing multiple character voices for 'Pip and the Brain Explorers' with King's College, London.

Kim Scopes Acting Reel
Narrative Audio Reel
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Ad Audio Reel
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For full CV, please go to my Spotlight Page

A Christmas Carol Promo Image - Image shows a close up shot of Jim Broadbent wearing a Top Hat and Scarf looking into the camera with a cheeky smile. The rest of the image is populated by cut out letters spelling out the name of the show. There are cut out clouds, houses and victorian scenes in the background, infront of a dark blue sky and the partially hidden image of a clock
Five A Promo shot - Image shows a dark blue mottled background with broken glass scattered down the left hand side of the image. 'AAAAA [FIVEA]' is in white bold lettering at the bottom right
The Wider Earth - A New Play by David Morton Promo image - Image shows the actor playing a young Charles Darwin in the centre of the image looking serenely into the camera, behind him is the scene of a sunset at sea with an array of puppet animals arraged behind him, including a Galapagos Tortoise, a Blue Footed Booby and an Iguana
BLUE promo image - Image shows a young white woman with bob length brown hair in a grey boiler suit, they are covered in blue chalk paint and glitter and the image shows them in the middle of shaking the chalk out of the hair, which is going everywhere. She is infront of an image of the Moon on a blue background, and the lettering of the title 'BLUE' is fashioned into the shape of a Lobster claw. There are white hand drawn images of a space helmet, a jar and a rocket ship drawn over the top of the whole image
Somewhere To Belong Promo Shot - Photo by Ele Hatch and Design by LA Imagines.png
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