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Theatre Maker - New Writing and Devising

I have been working as a theatremaker; devising and creating original new work throughout my career and co founded Sycorax Collective, a London Theatre Company dedicated to making engaging, compelling work focusing on social issues. Sycorax Collective are Associate Artists with Proforca Theatre Company.

I thrive on devising collaboratively with other creatives, and create stylised and original shows full of imagination and heart.

Most recently, I devised and created 'BLUE' and 'SOMEWHERE TO BELONG', both of which received exceptional reviews and toured the UK.

I also frequently creatively contributes to works of new writing for theatre, most recently including 'Feel More' and 'AAAAA'.

I'm available for creative collaborations on new productions and new writing and would love to hear about your project!

Contact me HERE

Check out Sycorax Collective here:

Screenshot (4).png

Somewhere to Belong Promo Trailer 2021, filmed by Jack Parker Photography

BLUE Promo Trailer, 2019, filmed by Jack Parker Photography and edited by Tate Creations

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