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Kim Scopes Puppetry Reel

Puppetry Performance


For full CV please go to my Spotlight Page.

I'm a highly skilled and experienced puppeteer with 10+ years experience in puppetry for theatre, cabaret, television and film.

I've worked extensively with multiperson puppets, bunraku, rod puppets, shadow puppets, found object puppets, green screen puppetry, worn puppets and hand puppets.

Previous Credits include:

'The New Norm & Al Show' for Oatly

'Crack Open the Good Biscuits' for Freeview

'Don't Worry Little Crab' for Little Angel Theatre and Folded Feather


'Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure' by Flabbergast Theatre

'Becca's Bunch' for Nick Jnr

The New Norm & Al Show Promo Shot - image shows felt lettering of the title of the show in black and white felt on a light pink background
Twice Shy Theatre - Production Shot - Image shows a life size bunraku puppet being manipulated in the air, wearing a wig and a flowing white dress. There is a starry night sky being projected onto the puppet and performers. The puppet is being manipulated by three puppeteers wearing black.
Don't Worry Little Crab Production shot - Image shows a hand made underwater scene made from brightly painted recyclable materials. There is a big crab and a little crab walking along the scene behind a bright blue background.
NEWZOIDS Promo Shot - Image shows puppet caricature versions of celebrities and public figures including Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and The Queen behind a dark blue background - Stage lights and the letters spelling NEWZOIDS are suspended behind the characters.

Puppetry Direction

I have worked as Puppetry Director on numerous productions including Nature Elly for Barmpot Theatre.

The List – “The puppetry is both well conceived and inventively done”.

Workshops and Consultations

I've led many bespoke puppetry workshops for adults and children, as well as acting as puppet consultant on productions including small scale productions and international Operas.


I'd be delighted to chat to you about your project or workshop needs, from concept to delivery.

Contact me HERE:


Nature Elly Promo Shot - Barmpot Theatre - Image shows a colourful illustration of the show, featuring a small white girl with short brown hair surrounded by a Pheasant, Heron, Deer and a Hay Bale hiding a Wooly Mammoth
pp class 6.jpg
Becca's Bunch Promo Shot - Image shows a puppet Owl, Squirrel, Fox and Worm standing on a log looking through a telescope into the distant. They look excited!
La Boheme Promo Shot - Image shows the lettering for La Boheme written in red on a grey stone background.
Patrons Lunch Puppets Kinetika screen shot from bbc footage - Image shows two giant sized puppets of a boy and a girl, walking on the street leading to Buckingham Palace, being manipulated by Puppeteers. There are crowds cheering either side of the road and the puppets are being led by a performer wearing a Pig costume and a performer wearing a Gruffalo costume
Strange Hill High Promo Shot - Image shows three puppet characters, one a small boy with a red zipped up hoodie, another with a big frizzie hairstyle and large glasses and a third with a yellow hat and a Blue Peter Badge, walking towards the camera, from a school that is exploding with tentacles, books and strange characters. The gate above them reads 'Strange Hill High'
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